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Haven: Keep Watch is a tool that lets you protect your personal space using your Android device. You can convert the sensors on any device into a security and surveillance tool to create a safe space around you at all times.

The idea behind Haven: Keep Watch is to leave your device in a fixed location in a house or office to be used as a surveillance tool. The camera detects any movement, and the microphone detects any sound. When either of these two things happens, it records the event and sends a text message to whatever telephone number you've chosen previously.

To use Haven: Keep Watch, of course, you will first need to calibrate your sensors. The process to do this is simple, and can be completed in a minute or two. You just have to indicate what levels of movement and sound are enough to trigger the app. Once you've finished, your Android device will successfully be converted into an authentic surveillance tool.

Haven: Keep Watch is an interesting app that you can use to convert old Android devices into security cameras that will alert you instantly whenever there's movement in a particular location.
By Nick
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher